New Expanded Capabilities to Meet Your Custom Specialty Hardware, Electronic & Mechanical Small Metal Parts Needs

Offering you greater options for the manufacture and plating of your contact pins, connector pins and custom electronic and mechanical small metal parts, Autoswage has expanded its plating capabilities and added cold heading and bandoliering to complement its cold form rolling manufacturing process.

With tight and repetitive tolerances, cold heading allows us to offer you an even greater range of intricately shaped product possibilities. And to facilitate your in-line processing, we can also provide you with bandoliered components.

Whether you need gold plating on pins with a desired thickness or custom cosmetic plating for your specialty hardware components, Autoswage offers you more options than ever before, including lacquer!

Autoswage's unique high speed, scrap-free manufacturing process has achieved an outstanding result of 0 PPB for a major computer manufacturer and may very well be the only company in the world to have done so.

Autoswage promises you quality products and unbeatable cost savings, from 50% to 70% over machined parts!

Work with a company trusted by industry giants like IBM, GE, Tyco, Apple, leading luxury leather goods manufacturers, automotive interiors manufacturers, medical products manufacturers, as well as hundreds of smaller companies across many industries.

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